Honoring God. Helping People.

This phrase, inspired by James 1:27, summarizes our purpose pretty succinctly. We desire above all to honor our Lord, Jesus Christ, with everything we say and do, as well as help those in need. We believe that this is what Jesus did, and what He is still doing today through churches and individuals.

So to accomplish this purpose, we acknowledge that we as a church are to lovingly engage our society, lovingly stand against the sin that corrupts it, and lovingly share the good news about Jesus Christ whenever we can, both with our lives and with our words.

At Topsham Baptist Church, we’ve adopted a somewhat “old-fashioned” meeting pattern: instead of meeting for a bit in the morning, leaving, and coming back at night like many churches do (and that’s totally fine), we have chosen to assemble for a larger portion of time on Sundays, with a mealtime in there, too! We do this in the spirit of Acts 2:42, which teaches that the church assembled for at least these four elements: Doctrine, Fellowship, Mealtime, and Prayer. So we meet in the morning and stay into the early afternoon, spending about 4 hours of time together on the Lord’s Day. 

If you have any questions at all, or want to see our exact meeting times, please feel free to reach out to us here!

Topsham Baptist Church is an excited, growing church serving the Topsham/Brunswick area and surrounding towns that would be privileged and thrilled to have you and your family come visit.