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General Update and Itinerary

It’s been almost a few weeks since I’ve posted, so I’d like to give a brief update on some goings-on and my itinerary.

We’re making great progress on the parsonage, and are ready to begin framing this week, it seems. God has rewarded us and has been faithful to us even in this midst of some setbacks, and now we’re ready to move forward. Thank the Lord for His perfect, sovereign timing.

TBC has been growing steadily, both numerically and financially. We’re set to see some folks leave for the winter, so I won’t mince words: Winter is coming, so now is the time to step it up in faithfulness in giving financially and in your attendance and evangelism. The bills get harder in the wintertime, and Satan doesn’t take a winter break, either. Let’s dig our heels in deep and get to work for our local church.

I’m working on finishing up this website and getting the member directory done in good time, as well as a place to submit prayer requests online. These two components of the website will be password-protected, so it’s going to take me a bit more time to get it finished. That’s why I’ve extended the maintenance window for the website to October instead of mid-September. Gotta get that Sermon page done, too, as well as the “Message from our Pastor” video.

As far as my itinerary goes: starting this coming week, my family and I are leaving for New York for the week to go visit and help my parents. Pastor Kevin Spencer will be preaching this coming Wednesday evening (September 26th), and I couldn’t be more excited for our church, or more confident in the man God has graciously given us to pastor alongside me here at TBC. It’s wonderful to leave for a bit knowing that TBC is in great hands.

As far as October goes, I’ll be going to the MBPF meeting up in Houlton on the 8th of October, preaching on October 19th out in Auburn at the Marston’s Corner Baptist Church, and leaving with my wife on a trip (I won a small vacation from a drawing at my secular job!) on October 23rd. I’ll return from that trip on the 26th of October.

Ahead of that, I don’t have any concrete plans for November other than attending the MBPF meeting on the 13th of November.

Okay, I think that’s it. Don’t forget about the upcoming Apple Picking event this coming Sunday (September 23rd) and then the Pie Contest on the following Sunday, September 30th. These are going to be really cool ways to welcome the Fall season, as well as a great way to get together and fellowship with your TBC family. Can’t beat it. Don’t know why people would miss it.

Have an amazing day!