Another one bites the dust

Today I read of another high-profile Christian leaving the faith -- this time, it was Paul Maxwell, who had previously written for Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition, and had…


New Website!

We recently had the opportunity to partner with Beegus Media to have our website redesigned. It's a tremendous blessing, and we're super thankful for the hard work of JJ and…


General Update and Itinerary

It's been almost a few weeks since I've posted, so I'd like to give a brief update on some goings-on and my itinerary. We're making great progress on the parsonage,…

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A New Website Design!

  This is great! I've still got a lot to learn about coding and using the pre-built template for this new website, but it's already a fantastic experience on my…

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Message outline from Wednesday Evening

While we do try to livestream most of my preaching on our Facebook page, here is the outline that I am preparing to preach tonight to our folks and any…

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Back In Action! Again!

So it would seem that keeping up with the website is a definite area of opportunity for improvement for me! For what it's worth, here's my notes for what we…

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Psalms Sermon Series so far!

It's been a while, so here's where we are at as of an hour and a half from now in our Psalms Sermon Series. Psalms Sermon Series jan18

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Growing, growing, growing!

Why, it was only two Sundays ago that we hit an all-time high of 58 people! God is clearly prospering our church body. Won't you come and see what God…

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What hath God wrought!

New chairs, new carpet going in within a few weeks, new members, new visitors, new friends. God is moving like a tidal wave every single Sunday and yes, even on…

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