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A New Website Design!


This is great! I’ve still got a lot to learn about coding and using the pre-built template for this new website, but it’s already a fantastic experience on my end. Not necessarily “easier,” but it will be after I learn more. But boy, is it more beautiful and accessible!

We’ve got “Who We Are,” which has our statement of faith and our leadership team, followed by a link for Sermons. Still working on getting that just right. I need some more equipment to record sermons in a quality format. God will grant us what we need, I’m sure of it.

The “Events” section is what’s gotten me really excited. We now have a full calendar with recurring events and beautiful, easy-to-read graphics. Awesome.

Then, under “Community,” folks can learn about what we do outside the four walls of the church building. I’d like to somehow integrate this into “Who We Are,” and I’m sure I’ll find a way, by God’s grace.

Under “News,” you’ll find my mental meanderings. I might change it from “News” to something else. Just not “blog.”

As of now, there’s still a “Give” button up there, as well as a shopping cart. I think those are going away. I might still include the “Give” button on the header in case we have a generous soul somewhere in Timbuktu who wants to randomly give to us. I’d be thankful for it.

Anyhow, that’s that. I’d type more, but I’m on my way to the bank with our treasurer to get some more stuff done for the parsonage. The guys are out there right now working on it! HOORAY! 🙂 🙂