Another amazing Lord’s Day!

Today for our Bible Study hour we continued in our “Blueprints” series, and then for our Morning Service we entered the book of Nehemiah, looking at just one verse: Nehemiah 2:4. What a packed verse! God clearly answers Nehemiah’s prayer from 1:11 in the first part of the verse, and then the verse goes on to display Nehemiah’s penchant for continuing in quick, powerful prayers in time of need. We then ate lunch together (thanks to all that brought food! Mmm-mmm good!), enjoyed fellowship, and then had our “Family Meeting” in lieu of our normal Afternoon Devotion. We voted unanimously to change the name, so I’ll be sending that resolution to the State of Maine and the IRS to make it all legal. What a great day. God is clearly working, and He’s not showing any signs of slowing down!